Axe May Have Stolen ‘Shower Thoughts’ From Reddit. Here’s What It’s Doing to Make Things Right

Will collaborate with redditor behind the post

Earlier this month, Axe released its latest campaign, "Shower Thoughts." It was quickly accused of being stolen from a subreddit, called, you guessed it, "Shower Thoughts." The Unilever brand today released a statement responding to redditors' claims. 

"Our intent with the Shower Thoughts series is to highlight the great creativity and conversations already happening in pop culture," the company said in a statement. "As a champion for creative thought and self-expression, Axe will collaborate on an upcoming piece of content with the person who posted the Shower Thought being referenced."

It is unclear how Axe will work with the original redditor behind the post; a rep for the brand did not respond to requests for more information. 

Following the release of the brand's initial campaign video, a subreddit was created was created which accused the brand of stealing a reddit post word for word. The video in question featured Muggsy Bogues—he's the shortest player ever for the NBA—and put a positive spin on being called short.

The campaign was meant to advertise the brand's "Axe Black" body wash. The second video, featuring YouTube star Chester See, was released last week. 

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