Yellow Pages’ Fingers Do More Than Walk

NEW YORK Avrett Free Ginsberg has launched a business-to-business campaign for the Yellow Pages Association, its first work for a client it took on about a month ago, said agency president Stuart Grau.

Five print executions by the New York agency seek to expand the range of activity for the association’s well-known walking fingers, showing them crossed and tied with a knot, among others.

“The whole objective is to speak to senior-level marketers and media folks to really get them to take a second look at what is really an undervalued piece of real estate,” Grau said, calling the Yellow Pages, “the original permission-based marketing.”

In one execution, which shows one of the Yellow Pages fingers tied with a bow, copy declares, “Just a subtle reminder: 86 percent of Yellow Pages users end up making a purchase.” Another ad, which presents the fingers crossed, states, “You can hope for results or you can count on them. Yellow Pages users are looking for ads 100 percent of the time.” Both also show the fingers doing their walking.

“The ROI issue today has become very important and this is a medium where you can really measure that,” said Grau. “There was definitely an opportunity to take a really well-known icon and brand equity and transform it.”

In addition to trade magazine advertising, the client is running banner ads on Web sites, Grau said. The media budget is less than $1 million.