The Year in Portraits

A gallery of the year’s featured players from the pages of 'Adweek'

Size still matters in our world. After all, an estimated two-thirds of all marketing dollars flow through agencies that major holding companies own.

The big guys don’t hold a monopoly on big ideas, however. Larger forces, like advancements in technology, have eliminated old barriers to competition for smaller, more entrepreneurial companies. Also, major marketers once sold on the virtue of consolidating their business at an established shop have embraced the concept of splitting their business among upstarts. Such marketers also need specialists to grasp and exploit new marketing channels.

All those factors create opportunity for a new breed of entrepreneurs to rise up quickly, particularly when the likes of Budweiser and Kraft Foods come calling. That fact alone makes new-breed stories as relevant and compelling as those of established players. Here we present the new inventors—of forms, markets, sensibilities, and functionality—that we believe are helping to shape a future based more on originality and intrepidness than heft and scale.

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