YALE CUISINE: What Tomorrow’s Leaders Say They Want to Eat Today

Are the student dining halls at Yale a leading indicator of changing tastes in food among the nation’s elite-to-be? In case you think they are – we’re reserving judgment on that, ourselves – we alert you to an article in the university’s Weekly Bulletin & Calendar about menu changes currently being adopted in response to student suggestions. Meat marketers will be distressed to learn that some lamb and liver dishes have been deemed ‘unpopular and complex’ and will be offered less often or eliminated altogether. What will take up the slack? ‘ ‘More pasta’ was a consistent recommendation and was repeated at every meeting,’ recounts the article, so dishes in that category will be available almost daily. Also getting more play, by popular demand, will be deli-style sandwiches. On the vegetarian front, lentils and beans are on the upswing as a supplement to the usual tofu and tempeh offerings. And the food evoking ‘clearly the most passionate, most repeated and most consistent’ requests from students: bagels.
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