Yahoo! Introduces Search Technology

NEW YORK Yahoo! has started rolling out its algorithmic search technology, a process that will eventually phase out the Web portal’s use of Google for search results.

The technology introduction is a part of Yahoo!’s overall effort to improve its search offering. Over more than a year, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company has invested heavily in search by acquiring Inktomi, an algorithmic Internet-search technology company, and Overture, a provider of pay-for-performance search to Web sites.

Calling it “the beginning of a rapid succession of innovations,” Jeff Weiner, senior vice president of Yahoo! Search and Marketplace, said, “within the next few weeks and months, consumers will continue to see improvements to Yahoo!’s search technology in addition to advancements in search personalization and other user features.”

Yahoo!’s new search technology already is integrated into its news and product searches, and will be introduced to its HotJobs, travel, personals and local properties. It will also be made available to Overture’s algorithmic search partners and future customers. Once that process is complete, Yahoo! said it expects its technology to power nearly half of all online searches in the U.S.

The company also said that it is using anti-spam technology to help filter out irrelevant, redundant or low-quality URLs and links in search results.