Yahoo, Gore Team Up for Yahoo Current TV

NEW YORK Al Gore may not have invented the Internet, but with the launch of the cable network Current TV, he has proven prescient when it comes to how willing viewers would be to create their own content.

Now, to expand the profile of Current, Gore has struck a deal with one of the Internet’s biggest players. Yahoo and Current have joined forces to launch Yahoo Current Network, an online outlet for the youth-aimed network’s mix of professionally produced content and user-submited clips.

“Current TV empowers young adults to actively participate in creating the television they want to watch, but in a broader sense, we’re about giving young adults a voice,” said Gore, Current TV’s co-founder and chairman, in a statement. “Current’s mission has always been to spark a global conversation among young adults. Partnering with Yahoo helps us advance this mission.”

The venture will feature video footage of amateur journalists presenting stories on world affairs, as well as clips examining celebrities and pop culture. At launch, Yahoo Current has four channels: Yahoo Current Buzz, the sports-themed Yahoo Current Action, the car-junkie-aimed Yahoo Current Driver and Yahoo Current Traveler.

Like YouTube and other popular viral video outlets, Yahoo Current serves as a community for its viewers, allowing them to comment on clips and discuss related subject matter. Unlike YouTube, Yahoo Current users have the chance to get paid for their submissions. Each Monday the network will hand out $500 for the best entry of the previous week—with that clip making it onto Current TV.