Yahoo Adds Blogs to News Searches

NEW YORK Yahoo has joined AOL and Google in raising the profile of blogs by adding a set of blog results to searches on Yahoo News.

Yahoo said the addition is part of its effort to expose more users to “grassroots journalism,” including blogs and related photos on its Flickr photo-sharing service, which can offer additional perspectives and even cover events the mainstream media ignores.

The move comes less than a week after AOL shelled out an estimated $20 million to buy Weblogs Inc., a collection of 85 niche Web logs on topics like electronics and autos. It plans to link to the blogs in related sections throughout its portal.

Blog search is a crowded field. In addition to several specialized blog search engines Technorati and IceRocket, Google last month began testing its own blog search engine.

Google News and other news search services do not include most blogs.

The melding of blogs and news is occurring in other online media, too. has added a list of Technorati results of blogs that link to its stories.