Xpedior’s Fast Break

Blazing Paradigm Banks on Hoops Games
SAN FRANCISCO–Forget the Super Bowl. One high-tech company is turning to basketball–the NCAA men’s tournament in particular–to target customers.
A major ad campaign via Blazing Paradigm, San Francisco, for e-business consultant Xpedior launched early in the tournament, but will also appear during the Final Four and championship game. Billings are undisclosed.
Three 30-second spots show simple objects such as a cube, a ball and a glass of water. A voiceover details how they could be looked at differently, and then offers the tagline “Imagine. Then soar.”
Agency executives said the ads were kept simple to suggest the limitless possibilities for e-business.
“They link the creative process with the Xpedior brand,” said Sam Pond, creative director and partner.
Company officials said the campaign should appeal to anyone looking to build an Internet business.
“We think the ads deliver a strong message on the power of creativity and imagination, and how Xpedior’s competitive advantage helps companies build entirely new digital enterprises,” said Chuck Riley, svp of marketing for Xpedior.
Xpedior, based in Chicago, provides e-business services for private firms, governments and digital companies. For example, Xpedior can help craft an online identity and build a business Web site, among other services. K