Xingmail Launches E-Mail Marketing Services

XingMail, a Hollywood, Calif.-based provider of artist-branded e-mail services, on Tuesday launched its Web-based e-mail service. At launch, XingMail has inked licensing agreements with more than 30 music acts, including Sugar Ray, Dr. Dre, Metallica, Eminem and Matchbox Twenty.

XingMail’s service enables fans to express their music tastes and fan loyalty online through e-mail accounts branded with the names of participating bands and artists.

“Our e-mail services allow fans to ditch their traditional e-mail accounts for ones that more accurately reflect their lifestyle and interests,” Jason Flom, co-founder and head of XingMail’s artist relations, said in a release.

XingMail generates revenue through licensing and revenue sharing for premium services. The company is currently signing new artists and plans to add Hollywood stars and athletes to its roster.