Xbox “You’re in the Movies”

“Hi, I’m obviously Burt Reynolds,”  the great toupeed one says by way of introduction in this TV spot promoting “You’re in the Movies,” a new X-Box game that puts players in leading roles in their own action films and on movie sets.Throughout the T.A.G.-created integrated campaign, (TV, print, long form video, banner ads on entertainment sites) Burt, who’s been known to “scrape by on raw talent and fairly rugged good looks,” as he puts it, acts as our guide. Now, the mummified-Burt-making-fun-of-Burt schtick might be getting old, but the writing is hilarious throughout, and the ex Mr.Lonnie delivers it beautifully, always placing his “legendary” career in the proper perspective: “Tropical sunsets,” he says. “The laughter of a child. The love of a good woman…. None of them compare to being in the movies.” Players can literally insert themselves into short films covering dozens of movie genres that can then be emailed and uploaded to social networking sites.
The Web site, ( ) is the first for Xbox produced by McCann SF’s digital department, and it’s worth a trip just to see Burt dine on a magnificent steak with nine pats of butter, from the craft table. “Now you’re in the movies,” he says. “Feels great, doesn’t it?” Like butter, Burt.–Barbara Lippert