Xbox “Lips”

Which is funnier: the image of a pair of animated lips strolling along on pudgy feet or the fact that the lips are singing the ’80s hit “Take on Me”? Remember that Norwegian band A-ha and its breakout video mixing live-action and animation? Well, this spot from T.A.G. advertising Microsoft Xbox’s new singing game Lips follows a pair of lips singing the tune as it makes its way from the woods, onto a road, through a construction site, on a bus (love the detail of his two-toed foot tapping along) and finally to an apartment party. There he walks onto the shoulder of a guest and, still singing, gets him to “Jump in” — as the Xbox campaign invites with its tagline — and join in the fun of the party. The detached lips may be creepy to some, but one man’s creepy is another woman’s quirky and cute. Not sure where the lips began its journey or where it’s going after the party, but the spot is memorable, attention-getting and gives me the silly giggles. –Eleftheria Parpis