The Wrong Way to go

Fakers beware. New York City Transit is onto you.

The client has launched a new ad, via Korey Kay & Partners in New York, that seeks to deter anyone from looking at the MTA as a way to make money by faking injuries.

The execution, which broke earlier this month, shows a guy in a neck brace sitting in court next to his attorney. Copy reads, “If his back really doesn’t hurt, after a stay in jail it probably will.”

The ad then notes that folks could not only be fined and thrown out of court for making a false injury claim against the MTA, they could also be put in prison. The ads keep the tagline, “Going your way.”

The work targets potential felons who may commit these crimes, according to Rob Hofferman, agency vp, account director, as well as doctors, lawyers, friends and acquaintances who knowingly or unknowingly become accomplices.

“It’s trying to drive some kind of awareness [of this issue],” said Hofferman.

The ad is appearing as posters in subway cars and buses in New York.