Writing About What You Know

When ad agency Red Ball Tiger wanted to reach busy professionals with a message about a new nutritional soft drink, it turned to a scenario with which it is intimately familiar: the new business pitch.

The small San Francisco shop included a spot called ‘The Pitch’ in a series of 60-second radio ads for Intelligent Choice Refreshment’s new IC brand. The ads broke in test markets earlier this month.

‘You know how it is,’ starts the ad, ‘a five-hour meeting in a stuffy room … your boss droning on (to the client) about ‘possibilities.’ ‘ To ward off the possibility of falling asleep, the narrator walks to the refreshment cart for a soft drink. He is joined by a member of the client committee, ‘who mumbles something about boredom and hiring the first firm that has the wherewithal to crack a joke.’

The tagline: ‘It puts back what life takes out of you.’

The campaign is designed for ‘the more cerebral consumer’ who is receptive to a new kind of beverage, said Greg Wilson, agency principal (shown here).

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