Wrigley Stimulates the Senses

NEW YORK This ominous-looking new spot introducing Wrigley’s new intense spearmint 5 gum is supposed to be all about stimulating the senses. Created jointly by EnergyBBDO in Chicago and AMV BBDO in London, the commercial, airing on TV and in cinemas, is set in a futuristic lab environment where it seems technicians are performing sight and sound experiments. A lanky shirtless man walks into the center of a circular stage filled with silver ball bearings. His feet sink into the pool of clinking spheres. He savors the feel of the metal as he immerses himself and is nearly swallowed by the balls as the technicians turn up the audio. The thumping of the progressively louder bass sends the spheres dancing—and the scruff subject enters a state of bliss. The spot ends with on-screen copy explaining, “that’s the spearmint tingle of 5 gum,” followed by the tagline, “Stimulate the senses.” No gum can possibly live up to the over-the-top promise of this ad, but it does drive home the message that there is a new extreme gum that might be worth a chew.