wrestling with a fresh idea

Ads for department stores usually don’t show the clerks getting body-slammed. But when a client wants to stick with the same premise year after year, agencies have to be resourceful.

At Mervyn’s, the tried-and-true concept is that women can’t wait to get into the stores for the “super sale.” In fact, they live in fear of being delayed outside.

A TV spot breaking this week from Colby & Partners in Santa Monica, Calif., has one such woman eagerly waiting at the door. To her horror, a hapless store worker inside who has the keys is attacked by a fierce-looking wrestler. As the shopper begins to scream, we see her awaken.

Thankfully, it was all just a dream. She had merely dozed off while watching pro wrestling with her son, who assures her, “Mom, it’s all fake anyway.”

“I guess we have broken new ground here,” said Colby evp Joan Goldfeder, who said the client wanted to “keep it comic.” “Clearly the wrestler does not speak to women, but we wanted to give it some urgency and have some fun with it,” she said.