wrap artists

The material that makes it possible to wrap a city bus with one huge ad has been pressed into timely service.

The material, called One Way Vision, is perforated vinyl that carries a visible image on one side but appears transparent on the other. It has mainly been used on buses and retail window displays, but high-tech company Siebel Systems recently found a more note worthy application.

The company used the material to adorn its California offices with two of the largest Ameri can flags imaginable. Its building in San Mateo is sporting an Old Glory that measures 41 feet by 85 feet, while the flag hugging the office in Emeryville is 100 feet by 200 feet.

The impossible-to-miss patriotic display was pulled off with help from Clear Focus, the Santa Rosa, Calif., company that makes One Way Vision, and Bold Outdoor Media in San Francisco.

“We’re a solutions provider, and we specialize in big and unusual ads,” explained Mark Bakar, president of Bold Outdoor. “We thought this was a great project to be involved in, and we donated the money to The September 11th Fund. We’re very proud of this project.”