Wrangler Jeans Makes Cuts

Wrangler Jeans in Greensboro, N.C., has reduced the number of candidates in its search to replace The Martin Agency and is pursuing a review strategy that will likely lead to a pair of assignments on the $29 million business.
Two review teams are each considering five shops, culled from an initial list of 35, for the Western wear and mass market accounts.
Marc Clift, Wrangler’s general manager of marketing, said it was possible that a contender could appear on both lists and ultimately win the entire business, but “the needs are different . . . and we will make a decision about what is best for the business . . . [and] what’s best for our consumers.”
Three representatives of the Western wear division were in Atlanta last week, speaking with Austin Kelley Advertising and Match, before two of the executives flew to Chicago.
Brian Goldberg, vice president of marketing communications for Wrangler, would not confirm the Atlanta pair as finalists. “We’ve always worked with people on project assignments, and a lot of what you’re seeing is business as usual,” he said.
Clift said the mass market team had made a cut, but was still contacting shops to inform them about their status.
Clift said Wrangler’s strategy for both halves of the business is to further narrow the review from five agencies to three, then “have each of them do a project [assignment], something meatier and more specific . . . I think print is more realistic [than television].”
The client will visit the remaining contenders by the middle of August.