World Kitchen Taps 2

World Kitchen is ex pected to award advertising duties on three of its brands to Minneapolis agencies Martin/Williams and Car michael Lynch, sources said.

The company is awarding the accounts following a review involving several undisclosed agencies weeks after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Martin/Williams, headed by president Steve Collins, will handle the Elmira, N.Y., company’s Corelle dinnerware and Pyrex bakeware and cookware brands. Carmichael Lynch, under president John Colasanti, will handle the Chicago Cutlery brand, sources said.

The company is expected to spend $5-10 million on advertising for those three brands next year, according to sources.

Pedone & Partners, New York, will continue to handle World Kitchen’s cornerstone Corningware brand. The shop created a campaign in March 2000 for Pyrex that used the tagline, “Better storage = better food.”

Agency representatives referred calls to the client. Company representative David Lanzillo confirmed negotiations were taking place but declined to offer details.

Last month, World Kitchen parent WKI Holding filed Chapter 11 to restructure $812 million in debt. The filing is not expected to affect the marketing plans for the three brands.

The company spent $7 million on advertising in 2000 but had no spending last year, per CMR.

The three brands awarded to the Minneapolis agencies each have long histories. Chicago Cutlery was created in Chicago’s meat-packing industry 70 years ago, while Pyrex was introduced in 1915. Corelle, the youngest of the brands, was introduced in 1970.