Workplace Woes

Feeling overworked and underappreciated? You’re not alone, according to a study by Towers Perrin and Gang & Gang, which reveals widespread discontent in the workplace. Why should management give a hoot? Negative emotions raise turnover rates and lower productivity. The study also reveals that employers misjudge the cause of the grumbling. “[If we] create an environment of mutual responsibility, respect and opportunity,” says Towers Perrin chairman and CEO Mark Mactas, “we can alleviate some of the most negative influences on the work environment.” —TH

Main Causes of Dissatisfaction

“People are burned out – doing as much or more work with fewer resources and less support.”

“This is less about mistrust … than lack of confidence in management’s judgment, decisions and actions.”

The Future
“Employees question their job (read income) security and longer-term retirement security.”

Boredom/lack of challenge
“There isn’t enough challenge in most jobs, so boredom intensifies frustration about the amount of work.”

“Interestingly, respondents focused more on insufficient recognition than pay and other rewards.”