Work Inc. Taps Ashley

Work Inc. has promoted managing partner Kristi Ashley to director of account management.

The advancement formalizes responsibilities in ac-count management and training that Ashley assumed in the last year.

Ashley joined Just Partners in 2000 from Baltimore’s gkv, where she worked on the Choice Hotels International account.

When the Richmond, Va., shop merged with crosstown boutique Work Inc., Ashley was performing planning and research for K-Force and utility AES Corp. She now heads up the Virginia tourism account.

“The merger created an organization where the departments were segmented,” Ashley said. “Cabell [Harris] handled creative and Don [Just] handled finance and operations, but the account management team lacked focus.”

What was needed was a joint philosophy, she said. Just Partners’ strategic strength could benefit from Work’s creative agility.

“It was good that I hadn’t been at Just too long,” she said. “I was able to encourage everyone to bring forward what they’d learned in the past.”

Describing herself as a generalist, Ashley said working in different in-dustries provides perspective and prevents “falling into a rut of complacency.”

She brought her views to bear on Virginia tourism, nudging the client towards a broader picture.

Research showed that visitors perceived the state as “classy, wholesome and intelligent.”

“Understanding this fed the creative product,” said Ashley. “For the first time in years, we used humor in their campaign instead of a laundry list of things you can do.”