Work Gets Busy With Fine Wine, Lowly Wizards

Work has acquired a wine account and a client that needs the agency to convince potential ticket buyers that professional basketball players are not whiners.
The Richmond, Va., agency, part of Ogilvy & Mather’s creative Syndicate, has added Kendall-Jackson Vineyards & Winery and the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards to its roster.
Billings were not disclosed. Competitive Media Reporting has Kendall-Jackson’s spending at $177,000 through May 1999. The Wizards spent nearly $50,000 for the same period.
“They’re not big accounts, but they’re prestige accounts,” said Work principal Cabell Harris. “These are both good categories to get into.”
Work originally landed three projects from the San Francisco winery six months ago. After helping the client form a positioning strategy, Work was brought aboard.
Print ads will be the primary focus. “We’re really looking forward to being in Wine Spectator,” Harris said.
Work’s TV and radio ads for the Washington, D.C., NBA team will try to re-establish fans’ interest in “players [who are] perceived as prima donnas,” Harris said. The team has suffered through a series of losing seasons and negative press about players’ brushes with the law and last year’s league strike.
“The Wizards need to reconnect with [D.C.] fans, absolutely more than just because of the lockout,” said Wizards president Susan O’Malley. “We ended on a sour note and then we went into the lockout and we have a lot of ground to make up.”
O’Malley said three other East Coast shops also pitched the team.