work of art

Most advertising is ephemeral by nature. It airs, perhaps persuades and then disappears. On rare occasions, a campaign or character becomes part of pop culture, and its ghost lives on in Dick Clark TV specials. If a campaign is very lucky, it spawns a merchandising phenomenon of T-shirts, toys and posters, or is added to the lexicon, with people growling “Whassup?” or asking where the beef is.
Kovel/Fuller may have outdone them all: Its outdoor and bus-side ads for Jiffy Lube are up on the walls of the recently opened Experience Music Project museum in Seattle.
The ads for the fast-lube chain posted across Seattle feature a threatening grunge monster and headlines such as “Grime can run, but it can’t hide” and “The only grunge left in town is under your hood.” The latter line, a reference to the Seattle music scene of the ’90s that produced Pearl Jam, Nirvana and other acts, was deemed perfect for the rock shrine.
“Pete Blecha, curator of the Experience Music Project, called us and asked for one of the boards to put on display,” said Lee Kovel, agency president and creative director. The bus company was so excited, Kovel said, “They offered to deliver it in person at no charge. … Cool, huh?”
–Jack Feue