A Word From Our Sponsors

The state of Ohio’s Department of Development has begun airing a 30-second TV spot starring Governor George Voinovich in a role usually reserved for actor James Whitmore: praising Miracle-Gro Plant Food.
The Scotts Co. in Marysville, Ohio, the maker of Miracle-Gro, recently completed a multimillion-dollar expansion of its facilities. In the spot, the governor, standing in his own garden, uses the company’s growth as the core of his sales pitch for Ohio.
“Whether governor or gardener, you have to nurture growth, and that’s what we’ve done with our ‘Miracle-Gro’ economy in Ohio,” Voinovich says. The product gets another plug at the close, when the governor advises firms to “plant yourself in Ohio, home of the ‘Miracle-Gro’ economy.”
Lord, Sullivan & Yoder in Columbus, Ohio, created the spot, which is airing on cable networks.
-Scott Hume