WongDoody, Tully’s Issue ‘Wake-up Call’

LOS ANGELES Beginning today, Tully’s Coffee is encouraging office workers to beat their after-lunch slumps via a new campaign by independent WongDoody, according to the agency. But they won’t have all afternoon to do it.

The multi-faceted effort, known as the “3:21 Wake-up Call,” kicks off with a series of attention-grabbing executions designed to serve as a citywide alarm clock. For the next two weeks—Monday through Friday at exactly 3:21 p.m.—live bands are scheduled to play “Reveille” outside the majority of Tully’s 60-plus Seattle, Portland and San Francisco locations, said an agency representative.

Identical music will simultaneously blast from sound systems on region-roving scooters and vintage ice-cream trucks, the rep said, and select radio stations will broadcast 3:21 p.m. Tully’s coffee break reminders. Additionally, buses on three Seattle routes will be stocked with complimentary samples and beverage coupons for 3:21 p.m. riders.

And there’s definitely urgency involved, noted the rep: The discounts are valid only through 3:51 p.m. the same day.

In addition to promoting hot coffee and espresso pick-me-ups, the Seattle ad agency’s campaign highlights Tully’s just-introduced line of four chilled beverages: Blueberry Spin, Blueberry Shake, Lemonade Tango and Raspberry Lemonade Tango.

WongDoody has also crafted “3:21 Wake-up Call” print, outdoor and radio components, scheduled to run through Sept. 5.

A current campaign budget was not available. Per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, the Seattle-based company spent only $5,000 on advertising in 2004.