WongDoody Plays Ball In The House

Fox Sports Interactive’s Soccer, Golf Video Games Get a Wild Debut
LOS ANGELES–WongDoody has created a national TV campaign for Fox Sports Interactive, branding the new home video game label and launching its premier products–Fox Sports Soccer ’99 and Fox Sports Golf ’99.
The humorous premise behind the campaign is that playing Fox Sports Interactive games is less destructive than playing ball in the house. Two TV spots make the point by showing just how chaotic the latter can be.
In the 30-second spot for the soccer game, two teams barrel their way through a well-appointed house. The players wreak havoc scrambling after the ball as it careens down a staircase, bounces off walls, knocks over a bust and rolls along a dining room table.
The action then cuts to screen shots of Fox’s video game. A voiceover says, “It’s easier on your home than the real thing.” Returning to the house, the spot’s last shot shows the goalkeeper making a save and then falling backwards through a large window. The tagline is, “Sports games. Fox attitude.”
Similarly, the spot for the golf game shows a pair of golfers practicing their swings inside a house. Using a chess piece as a tee, one player knocks over a lamp and shatters a fishbowl and other breakables before his ball bounces into a toilet.
Fox Sports News anchors Kevin Frazier and Van Earl Wright provide color commentary for the action in both spots.
Agency principal and creative director Tracy Wong said the goal of the spots, which began airing earlier this month, is to brand the games with the distinctive Fox attitude.
Managing partner Ben Wiener added: “Much of the fun of video games has been lost in excessive realism and tedious statistics. The Fox Sports games are different because they’re all about exciting game play and great graphics.”
The spots are airing on MTV and Univision as well as Fox broadcast and cable outlets, including Fox Sports Net and Fox Sport Americas.
The agency’s Santa Monica, Calif., office is creating spots for the client’s basketball and hockey games.