WongDoody Eating Its Greens

All lettuce is not alike.
That’s the message of a new branding campaign for Foxy Vegetables via agency WongDoody.
TV ads from the shop’s Los Angeles office break next month. The creative strategy humorously positions Foxy as a company that really cares about lettuce. Four 30-second spots illustrate the lengths to which Foxy goes to create a loving, nurturing growing environment for its “free-range” lettuce (a takeoff on the popular free-range chicken).
The first spot gives an overview of Foxy’s philosophy. A farmer standing in a lettuce field outlines the basic principles of free-range lettuce farming, concluding that “a free-range lettuce is a happy lettuce, which ergo is a tasty lettuce.”
“The idea of free-range lettuce came from our focus groups. People associate ‘free-range’ with quality. We took it from there,” said agency managing partner Ben Wiener.
The commercials will air in New York, Boston and Salinas, Calif., (the produce company’s hometown) through June. Radio and outdoor ads may follow, Wiener said, and some guerrilla marketing may be implemented in New York.
Previous ads featured Brooke Shields. This is the first effort from WongDoody, which won the estimated $1-2 million account last fall.