Women.Com Builds Clorox Promo Site

In its latest partnership with a major packaged-goods brand, women’s interest portal Women.com, San Mateo, Calif., has unwrapped “Generations & Innovations,” a co-branded promotional site supporting 10 Clorox brands, including Pine-Sol, Tilex and Liquid Plumr.

Located at www.women.com/generationsandinnovations, the site is meant to blend “a friend-to-friend look back at women’s lives with tips to make those lives easier.” The site incorporates an “Interactive Maid” tool offering cleaning short cuts and strategies and encourages visitors to share their best cleaning tips from their mothers and new ideas from today.

In October, Women.com designed a mini-site for General Motors, called “Women in Motion.” Other sponsored sites now up on Women.com include one for Purina Dog chow (www.women.com/family/dogchow.html) and another for Vaniqa, a prescription cream used to manage unwanted facial hair (www.women.com/vaniqa).