They haven’t, but they would. That, in brief, is the way many American women feel about cosmetic surgery. In a national survey by Self, just 11 percent of women said they’ve had any surgical procedure to spruce up their looks. But 64 percent think there’s nothing wrong with doing so, and 45 percent would consider having themselves surgically improved. This inclination is highest among women who are past the bloom of youth but not old enough to feel resigned to that circumstance: 56 percent of women in their 30s would consider surgery, vs. 51 percent of those in their 20s, 43 percent of those in their 40s and 27 percent of those in their 50s. Among women in each age bracket who are tempted to have some sort of surgery, laser skin resurfacing is the leading choice for those in their 20s; a tummy tuck is the top choice for those in their 30s; liposuction is the procedure most wished for by those in their 40s; and a face lift is the most popular choice for those in their 50s. The chart here indicates the most coveted procedures among women who’ve already had one. For those who’ve never been diced and sliced, the most tempting options are liposuction and tummy tuck (15 percent each), trailed by Botox injections (13 percent) and laser skin resurfacing (12 percent). Once a woman has such a procedure, is she then satisfied with her looks? Not to judge by this polling statistic: “87 percent of women who’ve had one procedure want another.”