women only

A new ad by Gearon Hoffman for the Museum of Science’s “Changing Face of Women’s Health” exhibit addresses health issues unique to women.

The exhibit gives a historical perspective and talks about current women’s health issues, said Seana Crellin, vp, account supervisor at the Boston-based agency.

The execution shows an old-fashioned-looking picture of a corset. The headline reads, “When cinched tightly this gave a woman a 16 [inch] waist. It also gave her fainting spells, pulmonary disease and miscarriages.” The copy continues: “Some health challenges are uniquely female. From body image and eating dis orders to breast cancer and osteoporosis. Explore the complicated issues confronting women today.”

The goal of the ad “is to get across that this is an important exhibit, and [it] has the latest information on women’s health issues,” said Crellin.

The effort breaks in April issues of Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report and Sports Illustrated.

The overall tagline for the Museum of Science is “It’s alive.”

The exhibit runs through April 30 at the Museum of Science in Boston.