Women and Their Handbags

With the economy struggling, female consumers may be keeping their purses shut tight. On the other hand, there’s a good chance these are new purses, so women haven’t altogether denied themselves such personal purchases. A BIGresearch poll finds 64 percent of women saying they bought one or more handbags in the past year.

What prompted them to do so? A plurality (39 percent) claim they needed one. Nearly as many were inspired by sales or promotions (37 percent) or simply bought on impulse (36 percent). Thirty-four percent were tired of their old one, and 20 percent were prompted by the change of seasons.

As for where women made the purchases, department stores were the most popular venue (cited by 56 percent), followed by discounters (39 percent) and specialty stores (15 percent). Fourteen percent bought a handbag online.