Wolfe Extols Virtues of the Sociable Sausage

SAN FRANCISCO The fringe benefits of bringing sausage to a potluck party are touted in a new series of radio spots created by Wolfe/Doyle Advertising.

The San Francisco agency was hired two months ago, without a review, to create seven regional radio spots for Saag’s Premium Meats of Oakland, Calif., a gourmet sausage maker.

Featuring the voice of James Michael Tyler, who plays Gunther, the cafe manager on Friends, the radio campaign will break on Wednesday and run through the summer.

In a bit of an inside joke with the on-air talent, who is not identified in the spots, the tagline is: “Serve Saag’s, make friends.”

In a low-key, matter-of-fact style, Tyler extols the virtues of bringing the sausage to barbecues, pool parties, camping trips and company picnics. In the latter, Tyler claims the sausage bearer will reap rewards such as receiving a spare key to the office supply closet and executive washroom privileges.

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed. Wolfe/Doyle also handled the media buy.

Wolfe/Doyle had worked for Saag’s previously. In 1995, it created the radio campaign that introduced the 70-year-old brand to consumers.

“Saag’s started in 1933 as a mom-and-pop butcher shop in Oakland. Now they’re one of the premier meat companies in the Bay Area, which means we really enjoy all the free samples,” said Daniel Wolfe, president and creative director of the agency.