Wolf Range Boosts Kitchen Confidence

DALLAS A commercial created by The Richards Group for Wolf Appliance is the first TV spot solely for the maker of high-performance cooking gear, the agency said.

Entitled “No Doubt,” the new spot began running this week on network cable channels and CBS, the agency said. While Wolf has been mentioned in TV ads for its related brand Sub-Zero, the spot is the first dedicated to Wolf only, the client said.

“This spot is designed to resonate with the audience at an emotional level,” said Michele Bedard, vice president of marketing for Sub-Zero Freezer Co. and Wolf Appliance Co. “Cooking is very personal and often fraught with self-doubt—can I do this?”

In the commercial, a woman plans a dinner for friends. As she goes about her preparations, a well-dressed man keeps appearing at her side. The man we see is not actually there, but is the personification of her doubt.

The scene opens in a market, where the woman, shopping list in hand, contemplates buying a fish. Suddenly, the man (“Doubt”) is at her elbow trying to discourage her from ordering, but the woman forges ahead and addresses the fishmonger. In the next scene, the woman is driving home when Doubt’s voice is heard, again trying to discourage her intentions. In the woman’s kitchen, Doubt watches to see if he’s getting through to her. But the woman just continues cooking on her Wolf range.

The camera shows close-ups of the range and its signature red knobs, gas flames, and the bottom rack fully extended and supported by the oven door. Sitting on the kitchen counter, Doubt realizes that he has failed and leaves in a huff.

“The antagonist of our spot, ‘Doubt,’ is a familiar companion for anyone who wants to cook something nice for people they care about. In fact, fear and uncertainty of the outcome keep a lot of people from cooking in the first place,” said Dennis Walker, creative group head and art director at The Richards Group.

Serving as the voiceover in “No Doubt” is actor Joe Spano of Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and other TV shows and movies. The spot’s creative team includes Dennis Walker as art director, David Culp as copywriter and David Rucker as agency producer.

Based in Fitchburg, Wis., Wolf has been an affiliate of SubZero of Madison, Wis., since 2000, the client said. Richards is a Dallas-based independent agency. Campaign spending was not disclosed.