Wizards Fan Hometown Loyalties

Work Introduces 2 TV Spots for NBA Team
ATLANTA–“Fight,” a new television spot for the Washington Wizards from Work, claims rooting for the National Basketball Association team promotes harmony.
In the 30-second ad, two men–one black, one white–bump into each other in a crowded bar. One man’s beer is spilled on the other. They begin arguing with increasing furor. Finally, one suggests they take it outside. The other patrons follow them out in what looks like it will be a melee. Shouting at each other, the men remove their jackets, revealing that each is wearing a Wizards jersey. They point in recognition, then laugh and embrace. The crowd applauds.
The spot ends with a camera pan to the Wizards’ Mitch Richmond, holding a sign that states, “Thanks for your support.”
“First Date” shows a man picking up his date. He has flowers, but he is wearing a New York Knicks jersey. The woman slams the door in his face.
“Fans and players, black and white, men and women, we want people to feel we’re all in this together,” said Ashley Haug, strategic director at Work in Richmond, Va.
The spots broke last week and will be supported by radio and print in the Washington, D.C., market. K

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