Wix’s Fifth Super Bowl Ad Features Coding Supermodel Karlie Kloss

The theme is familiar

Kode with Klossy founder Karlie Kloss updates her website in Wix's 2019 Super Bowl spot. Wix
Headshot of Lisa Lacy

The website-building platform Wix will return to the Super Bowl for a fifth consecutive year with a 30-second spot featuring supermodel and tech enthusiast Karlie Kloss.

It was produced by Wix’s in-house team and will air during the third quarter.

The ad features Kloss updating her website and highlighting features like the Wix Pro Gallery photo tool and the SEO Wiz optimization tool.

“The commercial is about our users,” said CMO Omer Shai. “We chose Karlie … because she is definitely a strong, powerful female entrepreneur, which relates to a lot of our users. [They want] to build a profitable business—most of them are doing it by themselves and they are choosing the most professional tool to do so.”

Kloss is actually a pretty good fit for the brand as the founder of Kode with Klossy, a program that teaches girls to code and encourages them to seek careers in the tech industry. The organization hosts free two-week summer camps for girls 13 to 18 during which they build apps and websites using programming languages like Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Swift. Kloss’ personal website—which was, in fact, created with Wix—cites a passion for technology that led her to take a coding class in 2014, but the ad doesn’t explicitly make this connection and viewers may more likely remember her from this 2015 Super Bowl spot from Victoria’s Secret—or even as the new sister-in-law of Trump Senior Advisor Jared Kushner.

Kloss has appeared in multiple Wix campaigns since 2017, but this is her first turn for the brand in the Super Bowl.

This it’s-so-easy-to-build-a-website messaging is a familiar theme for Wix during the game—in 2018, YouTube stars Rhett & Link modified their website; in 2017, a chef with headphones on tinkered with his website in the kitchen as Gal Gadot and Jason Statham fought bad guys in the dining room; in 2016, characters from Kung Fu Panda discussed using Wix to build a website to drive more traffic to a restaurant; and Wix’s 2015 Super Bowl debut featured retired NFL stars’ second acts—and, of course, the websites for those businesses.

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