Wirestone Touts Honda Ski Challenge

BOSTON Wirestone is handling online and offline promotional assignments for the Honda Ski Tour competition and music festival.

The independent agency said it would create print, broadcast and Web elements. The shop’s Sacramento, Calif., and Boise, Idaho, offices are working on the effort.

Co-founded by Kipp Nelson and Steve Brown, the tour brings top skiers and snowboarders together at four premier resorts. The events will be broadcast on ABC-TV.

“Our goal with the Honda Ski Tour is to broaden the market of people interested in skiing competition. But the way to do that is to not just focus on the competition,” said Nelson. “We’re going to take the entire ski experience and turbo charge it into a three-day cultural experience for everyone who loves the mountain lifestyle.”

Each competition features a single $125,000 prize.

Athletes confirmed for the tour include Olympians Daron Rahlves, Eric Schlopy and Reggie Crist, as well as X-Games medalists Tanner Hall, C.R. Johnson, Simon Dumont and Zach Crist.

Wirestone has also worked for Apple, Intel, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft, among others. The shop is based in Chicago.

—Adweek staff report