Winter Is Coming—Directly to an AT&T Retail Store Near You

HBO and the telecom giant offer Game of Thrones fans swag and exclusive content

Would you rather fight a White Walker or become one? AT&T
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If you’re looking to take on a White Walker (or just stand somewhat close to a very convincing digital one while wearing a Magic Leap One mixed reality headset), then you’ll want to head to an AT&T retail location in Boston, Chicago or San Francisco.

HBO and AT&T are teaming up to bring Game of Thrones fans access to their favorite (or not-so-favorite) characters with a series of activations, exclusive videos and giveaways before the final season premiere. “There will be Game of Thrones elements weaved throughout the entire AT&T footprint and utilizing our vast scope of marketing channels,” said Kendall Thaker, avp WarnerMedia Integration, AT&T, including the AT&T app, AT&T’s Magic Leap One, event sponsorships at the NCAA Final Four and retail activations.

“There’s no better way to celebrate the finale of this epic HBO show than to give its devoted, passionate fans opportunities to immerse themselves in the Game of Thrones world leading into the final season,” said Zach Enterlin, executive vice president, program marketing, HBO, in a statement.

Storefronts will transform into otherworldly Game of Thrones settings, complete with characters in immersive activations.

In the Boylston location in Boston, the Michigan Avenue location in Chicago and the San Francisco location, visitors will be able to confront a White Walker (probably the exact opposite of what anyone actually wants to do after watching the show). Using a Magic Leap One, those brave enough can delve into the chilly winter world to fight in “The Dead Must Die” game. Those near the Minneapolis Convention Center can check out props, costumes, photo ops and even an MR game that flips the script and turns players into White Walkers.

Also to be seen in the Boylston shop on April 2 is a chance to attend the red carpet premiere of the final season in New York on the “Dragon Wagon” bus. Visitors can also meet Kristian Nairn, the actor behind Hodor, who will be doing meet-and-greets at the experience.

“We are trying some new creative things to test engagement across what is typically traditional marketing,” said Thaker, pointing to the mixed reality White Walker games and a fold-out poster included in some of the mailers. “We are excited to see how those two pieces perform by adding those little surprises.”

Other stores will have additional VR and AR activations, games and other video content with various collectibles available. If you’re particularly interested in owning your own replica Iron Throne (because why wouldn’t you be?), there will also be a contest available for that.

For those who are trying to binge the entire series to refresh their memories before watching the final season, it’ll be available on HBO. And for non-subscribers, the first episode of Season 8 will be available before they’re prompted to become a regular user.

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