Winston Goes Straight in Print

Doe-Anderson Continues ‘No Bull’ Theme in Different Settings
ATLANTA–Winston’s first advertising campaign since R.J. Reynolds moved the creative account to Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations broke last week.
The work continues the brand’s “No bull” positioning, touting the cigarette’s lack of additives. The campaign, however, moves away from the wacky black-and-white ads of the past three years, which featured UFOs and hell-raising bikers.
Instead, four full-color print executions depict young, healthy-looking smokers in social situations. Copy states: “No fake smiles, no hidden agendas, no bull” and “Just give it to me straight.”
“[The campaign shows] Winston smokers delivering their straight up, no bull attitude in a more contemporary setting,” said Ned Leary, Winston’s vice president of marketing. “The layout, the use of color are more contemporary. It moves the strategy forward.”
Leary said Winston is the only major cigarette that does not use tobacco scraps. “The more we can differentiate ourselves from our competition as the only leading brand that can make that claim, the more we’ll be able to strengthen [our] equity with adult smokers,” he said.
One execution uses the phase, “The bull stops here. No sheet.”
Doe-Anderson chief creative officer Jim White worked on the “No bull” series during his tenure at Long Haymes Carr in Winston-Salem, N.C. LHC lost its lead creative status to the Louisville, Ky., shop last March, but retains all RJR media duties.
A representative of RJR in Winston-Salem said White is not permitted to speak to reporters about Winston’s advertising.
To date, the new print work has appeared in TV Guide, Spin and Rolling Stone. The ads will soon run in Maxim, People, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly and “the gamut of publications that reach adult smokers,” Leary said. K