Winstanley Spins Sweet Story for Angostura Bitters

BOSTON Winstanley Associates is preparing to break the first national print campaign in 30 years for World Harbors’ Angostura Bitters.

Ads position the brand as hip and versatile, more than simply as a mixer for making Manhattans and Old Fashions, with headlines such as “A Bitter Attitude,” “A Bitter Bartender” and “A Bitter Chef.”

The latter execution explains how Angostura can be used in food preparation, noting that it takes “A bitter chef to sophisticate a salmon.” The campaign is tagged “A dash of sophistication.”

The ads resemble parchments (or treasure maps), and art elements such as palm trees and sailing ships are included, all designed to evoke a “Caribbean mystique,” an agency representative said.

The work runs from October through year’s end in consumer and trade publications including Bon Appetit and Food & Wine. Spending was not disclosed but will likely be in the mid-six-figure range.

Ralph Frisina served as creative director. Annette Ragan wrote the copy; Michelle LeClair handled art direction.

Other promotional elements from Winstanley include bartender and chef sponsorships and competitions.

Independent Winstanley in Lenox, Mass., has worked with World Harbors for nearly two years, and this marks the agency’s first effort for Angostura. The brand was last advertised in the 1970s in print executions featuring actor Vincent Price. The client is based in Trinidad.