Winsper Expands on Exeter’s ‘Art of Wellness’

BOSTON Winsper has fashioned new ads in its “The art of wellness” campaign for Exeter Hospital, including a pair of 30-second TV spots.

One spot, “Family Center,” shows an Exeter staffer caring for a newborn baby. “One of the most important events of your life is the birth of your child,” the voiceover begins. “Isn’t it good to know there are others who feel the same way?”

A second commercial, “Details,” shows a woman meticulously making a bed with the narration: “Imagine the expertise required to successfully replace a hip or a knee. And consider what it takes to be in the top 2 percent of all hospitals when responding to someone suffering from a heart attack. At Exeter Hospital, it’s all part of the attention to detail you can expect in everything we do.”

Both spots are black-and-white until the very end, when they briefly flash into color as a stylized art-gallery frame focuses on the action and underscores the “Art of wellness” campaign theme.

“Television is a powerful medium for conveying our promise of care without compromise,” said Mark Whitney, vp, strategy at the Exeter, N.H.-based medical center. “The campaign Winsper has created for us allows all our audiences, internal and external, to not only know why we’re a different type of healthcare provider, but why it’s important to them.”

Winsper is an independent agency in Boston that works for a range of consumer and business clients.