Wings of a Dove: Zipit Touts Z2 Device

NEW YORK How do you convince teens and pre-teens that they need a wireless device that does everything except make phone calls?

Zipit Wireless, maker of the Z2, which plays music, displays photos and has Instant Messaging capabilities, has launched a campaign from Brandon Advertising and Public Relations, Myrtle Beach, S.C., that mixes childlike animations, illustrations and photographs.

In a 30-second commercial that began running on Nickelodeon over the weekend, animated teens with names like “Cosmic Girl” pass around a Z2, which magically takes the form of a paper airplane, white bird and wind-tossed envelope. The tagline for the campaign is “It’s where your friends are.”

As part of the campaign, Brandon redesigned, where the Z2 is exclusively sold, and fashioned a game called 99 Conversations. Players must match a series of talking mouths with the conversations they are having as quickly as possible. Brandon was also responsible for the package design, which uses the same themes and style.

“We were coming up with the package design and everyone gravitated to the crayon drawing of a kid,” said Jon Leon, cd at Brandon. “The items you see behind the kids are all significant of what kids do daily.”

The commercial will continue to air until the end of the year. Spending was undisclosed.