on the wings of angels

Once again a flock of life-size fiberglass angels has touched down in Los Angeles. The difference this year is that their sponsors include a number of top TV shows that have commissioned local artists to customize some of the 150 angels on display.

“It was an unbelievable response. We have 17 shows sponsoring angels,” said Cal Winslow, vp of Volunteers of America, which is coordinating the project to raise money for programs that benefit L.A.-area kids. Those shows include The West Wing, Boston Public, Mad TV and The Bold and the Beautiful, he said. (Strangely, Touched by an Angel is not one of them.)

Each program is free to have its angel painted as it sees fit, but Winslow stressed that the project, titled “A Community of Angels,” is not meant to be primarily an advertis ing vehicle. “It may help them gain exposure, but this is about bringing art to the community and helping the Volunteers of America,” he said.

Winslow added that unlike other outdoor works such as the Cow Parade, this one has been virtually vandalism-free. “People respect the angels,” he said.