WING and prayer

BBL Communications, a high-flyer during the dot-com craze seeking to reverse a downward spiral, is teaming with the newly re-formed Pan Am. The carrier, based in Portsmouth, N.H., is planning a comeback of its own after bankruptcy filings in 1991 and 1998.

Guilford Transportation Industries bought Pan Am’s name in 1998 and relocated the company to NewHampshire.

BBL recently inked a three-year deal with Pan Am, worth about $2 million annually, for promotions work. For the most part, the shop will focus on publishing Pan Am’s in-flight magazine, Clipper.

“Diversification is key to our growth,” said agency president Barbara Sabran, whose shop has not previously ventured into the specialty-magazine field. In 2000, BBL claimed $40 million in billings and a staff of 30 people, but it has seen both figures halved after cutbacks among its high-tech client base.

Clipper will feature articles on Pan Am’s 14 destination cities nationwide, as well as local entertainment, dining and accom-modations listings.

BBL will publish the magazine on a bimonthly basis beginning in April.