A Window to the World of ‘Court TV’

NEW YORK Court TV‘s outdoor billboard might unnerve some New Yorkers: the execution shows what looks like the windows of an innocuous apartment building. One window, however, presents a scary scene.

Venables, Bell & Partners in San Francisco created the ad, in two locations in Manhattan, to promote Court TV‘s evening and weekend programming. One window shows a man being attacked by another man with a meat cleaver. Accompanying copy reads: “Seriously entertaining.”

While Court TV has trial news and court case coverage during the day, the outdoor campaign is an attempt to make it better known that the cable channel has movies, documentaries and series on nights and on weekends.

The ad is a “really simple visual communication to say Court TV is the place you’re going to find that interesting, real story that has some drama to it,” said agency founder and co-creative director Paul Venables.

In addition to Venables, VB&P personnel on the campaign included agency founder and co-creative director Greg Bell, senior art director Erich Pfeifer, copywriter Kevin Frank and illustrator Jonathan Barkat.