Window Shades On The World

Remember how Jimmy Stewart in the film Rear Window easily peeps through New Yorkers’ wide-open windows?
Well everyone knows, of course, that real
New Yorkers keep their blinds down and curtains drawn.
New ads from Janovic/Plaza and its ad agency, Dweck!, also appear to take liberties with reality. In the print campaign, the New York-based client exhorts fellow New Yorkers to “get custom blinds fast,” showing city folk living in glass menageries.
In one ad, window washers peer in an open window, eavesdropping on a fancy lady; in another, a woman wearing a nicotine patch reads a smoke-enders book while a cigarette billboard stares at her from outside.
But, wait–an outdoor tobacco ad in New York? How real is that? “It’s not a problem for our purposes,” said David McDuffie, the ads’ copywriter at the New York shop. “It doesn’t actually exist.”
Regardless of the city’s ban on outdoor tobacco advertising, ads broke last week and are slated to run through January 2000, with radio spots planned. Spending was undisclosed.
–Richard Linnett