Williams Wins Med Care, Realtor

By Katy Eckmann

ATLANTA–Williams Whittle Associates in Alexandria, Va., gained new business in the healthcare and real estate arenas last week, bringing in local clients American WholeHealth and The Bozzuto Group.

Based in Reston, Va., American WholeHealth (AWH) integrates conventional Western medicine with alternative treatments under one roof. The company plans to expand from two centers in Chicago and Denver to 40-50 sites in 10-12 markets within five years.

AWH held conversations with Williams Whittle and four other undisclosed Washington, D.C.-area agencies over the last two months, said Bill Eggbeer, vice president for marketing and product development. Williams Whittle was selected for its ‘breadth of experience (and) very strong management process,’ said Eggbeer, who did not reveal the account’s budget.

‘We focused on how we work and what we know about healthcare,’ said Williams Whittle president Rob Whittle. The agency’s client roster includes Georgetown University Medical Center and the Cancer Research Foundation.

Eggbeer noted a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine which found one-third of Americans have used some form of alternative therapy, such as chiropractic, massage or acupuncture.

‘Our first task is letting those people know . . . that this form of care is now available, integrated with more conventional medicine,’ Eggbeer said, adding that Williams Whittle will develop both an overall corporate strategy for AWH and specific marketing plans for the Chicago and Denver locations. Consumer print ads, direct mail and radio will be the primary media.

Separately, Williams Whittle was named agency of record for The Bozzuto Group, a residential realtor in Greenbelt, Md., which plans to increase its branding efforts. Williams Whittle bested six-year incumbent Fast & Associates, Columbia, Md., which created the ‘Bozzuto brings you home’ tagline. The budget is $800,000.

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