Will This Emotional Ad Convince Employers to Pay Off Their Workers’ Student Loans?

GS&P delivers message for Gradifi

Hey, corporate overlords, want to know the best reason you should help your employees pay back their student loans?

Gradifi, which provides tools for companies that wish to initiate such programs, spells it out in a short film from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. It tells the story of Sophie, a recent addition to the working world who’s primed to make a big impact, though she could use a little assistance in reducing her crushing debt:


“Our task was to open bosses’ eyes to the fact that this oppressively big student-debt number all over the news is actually hidden in the people all around them,” Jonathan Pelleg, a copywriter at GS&P, tells AdFreak. “Bosses talk to these people every day. This isn’t a hypothetical plight afflicting people these bosses have never met. It’s a plight that’s surrounding them.”

Directed by BR•F’s Olof Lindh, the three-minute film benefits from an emotive, appealing performance by Canadian actress Nadia Cejic. Style-wise, it’s a soft sell, but not syrupy. Quietly intense might be the best description. It’s consistently engaging, though some may prefer the punchy panache of the shorter version below:


According to Gradifi, employee loan-payment assistance is the kind of benefit that boosts recruitment, retention and morale. (Plus, you’ll be able to brag to all the other business owners about how enlightened and progressive you are!)

Notably, GS&P avoids overt appeals to management self-interest. Instead, the agency tells a very personal story, keeping the advantages to employers in the background, gambling that a plea from the heart could have breakthrough potential.

“We couldn’t just make this another ‘good business decision,’ like every commercial you see in the morning on MSNBC. That’s too easy to ignore,” Pelleg says. “Is it fiscally sound for employers to tap Gradifi? Of course it is. You have a perk to attract and retain the young talent who are the future of your industry. But focusing on the numbers turns people into numbers, and that’s wrong. They’re people, and we want you to help people.”

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