Wiley Breaks Orly Nail Ads

Wiley & Associates positions Orly International’s nail care products as emotional pick-me-ups in its first campaign for the Chatsworth, Calif.-based client.
Wiley’s challenge was to generate interest in the 23-year-old brand by giving it an engaging personality in a series of print ads. The executions playfully point out how Orly’s nail polish colors can suit any mood or situation. In one ad, for example, a bottle of Orly’s Chantilly Peach hovers above an illustration of a long pair of women’s legs. Copy humorously explains how the polish ultimately allows the wearer to indulge in desserts. Ads break in April issues of InStyle and Glamour.
Wiley won the estimated $2 million account earlier this year, following a review of several California shops [Adweek, Jan. 18].
–Angela Dawso