WildTangent, Mochi Media in Deal

NEW YORK Game publisher and distributor WildTangent has taken a step toward expanding its advertising clout in the fast-growing casual market through a partnership with Mochi Media, an upstart firm that delivers ads to a host of Flash-based games distributed across the Web.

WildTangent distributes casual games on the majority of PCs shipped in the U.S., while also selling ad inventory on Web games such as the virtual world Runescape. Through the new deal, the company will sell advertising in over 14,000 casual games that employ Mochi’s technology.

With the addition of Mochi’s inventory, WildTangent can deliver advertisers a total audience of over 30 million unique casual game players in the U.S., according to company executives, who claim that creates the nation’s largest casual-game ad network. “We are now able to offer advertisers reach against more than 30 percent of the U.S. online gaming population with a unique mix of media opportunities,” said Dave Madden, evp at WildTangent.

Four-year-old Mochi’s technology platform delivers video, text and banner ads directly into casual games regardless of where they reside on the Internet. To date, the company’s focus has been on the proliferation of simple Flash-based games, which are generally not limited to one Web site but often are distributed on multiple venues, ranging from pure gaming sites to social networks. Mochi claims to work with over 10,000 game developers overall.

Previously, Mochi had struck a similar advertising deal with Google as part of its AdSense for games initiative.

Source: Mediaweek.com

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