Wickes Launches Hispanic Effort

CHICAGO Wickes Furniture today launches its first advertising aimed at Hispanic consumers. The ads crafted by Lapiz debut here and in Los Angeles.

After winning the Carol Stream, Ill.-based client in June, the team at the Chicago shop developed the tagline, “Muebles que se roban el show” (“Furniture that steals the show”). The campaign was inspired by Latin American telenovelas. Indeed, both 30-second spots, “Poison” and “Thief,” were shot in a telenovela studio in Miami.

“Poison” depicts a young woman glued to the TV, visibly emotional, watching an intense scene in which a man, apparently poisoned, passes out with a glass of wine in his hand. She is mostly concerned about the wine he spilled on the sofa, which is the same model as her own.

In “Thief,” a man watches another telenovela while eating at his dinner table. The scene on TV shows a homeowner arriving just as a burglar starts opening a safe. The owner grabs a chair, the same one the viewer has at home, and strikes the thief across the back. The viewer says sadly: “La silla no” (“Not the chair”).

The campaign includes radio and outdoor iterations and will run through December.

According to TNS Media Intelligence, Wickes has not invested in Spanish-language media since 2001. Spending on the current campaign was not disclosed. The company has 34 showrooms and five distribution centers nationwide.