Why Minorities Are More Brand Loyal

ATLANTA Yankelovich has teamed with Images USA and Cheskin to produce a multicultural marketing study that will evaluate the buying patterns of Hispanic and African American consumers.

Robert McNeil, CEO and founder of Atlanta-based Images, said that the 2003 Yankelovich Monitor will be an invaluable consumer market research tool. He added that the study would include information taken from 1,500 interviews developed to create an understanding of how multicultural consumers make purchasing decisions.

“As a multicultural agency, we have to stay on the cutting edge of consumer behaviors,” said McNeil. “This study will provide important insight to our clients as a vehicle that captures the attitudes and perceptions of this growing market.”

Cheskin, a consulting and research firm headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif., will head the Hispanic market research initiative. Felipe Korzenny, principal and co-founder of the shop, said the growing influence that multicultural consumers have on media and fashion has had an impact on advertising and marketing. “In order to gain visibility and loyalty within these strong segments, companies need to understand them from multiple perspectives,” Korzenny said.

McNeil also noted that brand loyalty among minorities is especially high compared to that of the general market. “African Americans are four times more brand loyal than the general market,” he said. “Hispanics are two times more brand loyal.”

Images said that the 2003 Yankelovich Monitor would be published in November. Next year, Yankelovich will launch a study focusing on the Asian American market.

Yankelovich is a Chapel Hill, N.C.-based marketing consultancy that specializes in targeting solutions. Its Yankelovich Monitor is a family of studies on U.S. adults, youth and African American and Hispanic consumers.